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Wow! So when you thought you’ve heard everything, I come bearing some pretty ridiculous news. An article on the New York Daily News reported that a woman was hit by a car after following directions from google on her phone. She had looked up “walking” directions on her Blackberry and planned on going to her destination on foot. She claimed that Google didn’t warn her about the absence of a sidewalk along the highway. Ok, so Google should be blamed for you not being attentive? I mean if it was the driver’s fault she could have just sued the driver. She instead sued both the driver and Google. Does that make any sense? Hm… What do you guys think? The woman is alright by the way.  Here is the full article.


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Posted: October 11, 2009 in In The News
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RIP Stephen Gately 😦

Typhoon Ondoy wreak havoc in the Philippines last Sunday. 83 people were killed. Several people were injured and have gone missing. This is a terrible tragedy and they need all the help you can give them. Here is a site listing ways in which you can help: