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White Castle

Posted: October 12, 2009 in Food
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I don’t remember when the white castle thing with me started. I’ve been craving white castle since I saw it on television somewhere. I don’t remember if I saw it on the Food Network or a movie. There’s no denying the mysterious appeal of this burger joint. I once saw frozen white castle burgers in Walmart and I just had to try them. They were…DELICIOUS. Even though they’re probably not good for me and they’re not even close to being as good as the real thing; it was the only thing they had here. Someday I’ll go to white castle…someday…


Sushi Bar

Posted: September 28, 2009 in Food
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I love Sushi and Sashimi. They’re the best!! Here are some pictures from the Sushi buffet I went to with my family.

Green Tea ice cream – It’s really good 🙂

Red Bean ice cream – This is really good too 🙂

Dessert!!  XD

I went to the Filipino store today. It got me thinking about the last time I’ve been to the Philippines. The last thing I remember was hanging out with my cousins. I wish I could visit more often. I miss it there. There are so many places I haven’t seen yet. Hopefully someday soon, I’ll be able to visit.
Here are some of the snacks I got:

Polvoron – This is so good. You guys gotta try this out.

Chocolate Wafer Sticks – I haven’t tried this out yet, but they look so good 🙂

Clover Chips – I had to stock up on these. They’re so addictive.

Hopia Macapuno – Pastry filled with coconut 🙂

Hopia Hapon – Pastry filled with red bean paste. Delicious!!