I’m just an average girl. A gamer. An amateur artist. A crafter. A photographer. Here I will post random thoughts or interesting links I want to share with you. I also have a YouTube account here: http://www.youtube.com/user/FullMetalPiglet

I make a variety of videos on just about anything!

I hope you enjoy your visit here

  1. Hi, I’m a ginourmous fan of your crochet sackboys, I looked for all the available sackboys amigurumis on the internet, and without any doubt yours are the best!, I really want one of those, and since you are a looooong way far from my home (I live in Argentina), and there are not chances to get one from you, I’ve convinced my girldfriend to make one of this for me. The thing is that I need a little of help from you (a little more of your help, since i’ve watch all the tutorial videos on your youtube acount). The thing is that you have created the best OPEN MOUTH on crochet, and my gildfriend can’t find the way to copy it from the still images we find. Would you please be so kind to send me a pattern or something that will help her to copy your desing of the open mouth? I will be awesome if you could send me a video or something, by I know that it is too much asking. So please, send me a patter or at least some tips. My email is elbartog@gmail.com and it is my google talk account too… Many many many thans in advance, and I hope to receive and answer from you.

    Buenos Aires – Argentina

  2. Huong says:

    hey girl,
    i was wondering if you have or where can i purchase your pattern of ed elric. its for my brother. he’s a big fan and wants me to crochet that for him. if you can or give me some information email me at huong1216@gmail.com

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